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 Booking Policies



Terms and Conditions of all Rentals 



1.1 The cottage is owned by the “Owner” and is offered by operated by Location Exit chalets Inc., known as the “Manager” as vacation rental accommodation for the “Renter” (applicant named on ‘Cottage Rental Application’) according to the terms and conditions as set out in the “Cottage Rental Application” and the following “Terms and Conditions”.

1.2 Exit Chalets, acts as a manager (Manager) for the property owner (Owner) and does not own, or have any responsibility for the maintenance and/or upkeep of the property.

1.2.1 Use of the Cottage is subject to the Household Rules of each of the Property Owners.

1.3 These Terms and Conditions clarify The Owner's obligations to The Renter, The Renter’s obligations to The Owner, and in the very unlikely event of any disputes, will be used as the basis for any resolution. Please read them carefully before confirming your booking.

1.4 Acceptance of these Terms & Conditions binds a contract between the following two parties: The Rental Applicant (The Renter) and the Property Owner (The Owner).

1.4.1 By checking the “I have read and accept the terms and conditions” box on the booking interface of the web site, the Renter understands and agrees that they are entering into a legal binding contract between the Renter and The Owner as per the authority of Quebec’s Bill n°161: An Act to establish a legal framework for information technology. The issuance of a written or electronic confirmation to the Renter by the Manager shall complete a binding contract between the Renter and the Owner.

1.5 The Renter represent, warrants, acknowledges and agrees with Exit Chalet (the Manager) and the Owner  that they will use the cottage and its facilities in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement and the Household Rules and that they do so at their own risk and that they indemnify and save the Manager and the Owner harmless from any claim made as a result of personal injury, sickness or death, loss or damage, however caused, to person or property of the Renter or their family, guests, visitors, servants and agents during or after the time of occupancy.

1.5.1 Further, the Guest accepts full responsibility of the use of any recreational equipment, such as boats and motors, etc. and agrees to pay for any repairs to, damage to or replacement of said equipment, if caused by the Renter or any of their family, guests, visitors, servants and agents.



All persons listed on the Rental Application or added subsequently by the Manager will be bound by these Terms and Conditions.



Occupancy of the property is restricted to those names listed on the Rental Application or added subsequently by The Manager.  

3.1 The Rental Applicant is considered to be the Lead Guest and will assume full responsibility for all members of the Rental Group throughout the rental period.

3.2 Information or instructions relating to this rental will be communicated to the Lead Guest only and not to any third-party member of the Rental Group.  

3.3 Renters who have guests at the property in excess of the pre-authorized number (specifically those enumerated on the invoice) are subject to either immediate eviction without refund or a $200 (plus taxes) per night per guest charge, at the discretion of the Owner.

3.4 The stated and agreed occupancy figure includes all persons irrespective of age and includes day and overnight guests.

3.4.1 Please note that ANY person, REGARDLESS of age is counted as a person in the occupancy of a cottage. 

3.5 Sub-letting of the cottage property is not permitted.   Where separate parties will be occupying the cottage property at different time periods, Cottage Rental Application Forms must be completed by each party. 

3.6 Camping, tenting, trailers or other additional accommodation facilities will not be allowed unless previous written permission has been granted through the Manager. 

3.7 Check-ins are at 5 pm and check-outs are at noon.

3.7.1 Check-in and Check-out times are to be adhered to, unless otherwise arranged through the Manager. Early arrival and/or late departure will result in a charge of $200 (plus taxes).



4.1 Bookings shall be confirmed in writing by the Manager on approval of Rental Application and on receipt of a 50% deposit. The balance shall be due and payable one week prior to the first day of the rental period. However, the Manager retains the right to reject a booking within 48 hours after de deposit confirmation. In that eventuality, all money paid would be refunded.

4.2 If the Renter books a cottage and the Rental Application is approved and there is less than 14 days before the commencement of the vacation, the total payment is due and only upon receipt of same will confirmation of rental be confirmed.

4.2.1 In order to prevent credit card fraud, if your booking is made 14 days in advance or less or if we receive a notification of non-conformity of your identity by our transactional system, a photo ID as well as proof of home insurance will be required. Your reservation will only be confirmed upon receipt of these documents. You and all members of your group must agree to present a photo ID that will be photographed by a member of our team during your stay at the cottage.

4.3 All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD)

4.4 All prices are subjected to taxes.

4.4.1 Quebec’s tax on lodging is 3.5%.

4.4.2 GST 5%

4.4.3 QST 9.975%



5.1 The Lead Guest agrees to have a Security Deposit blocked on a valid credit card as a guarantee.

5.2 This Security Deposit will serve to pay all outstanding long distance phone charges, overages on WiFi usage in excess of the stated limits, and all liability for any damage beyond normal wear and tear during the term of the Rental Period.

5.2.1 The Security Deposit will also be used to pay any penalties listed in this Agreement and the Household Rules for failure to meet any of the terms and conditions listed therein.

5.3 Receipt of any deposit prior to The Manager's written confirmation of the reservation shall not constitute acceptance of any booking.

5.4 Once a Rental Application is received and accepted by The Manager, The Renter is liable for payment of the balance of the rental fee, plus any additional charges, one week before occupation of the property.

5.4.1 The balance shall be payable one week prior to the commencement of the vacation.

5.4.2 There will be a $25.00 (plus taxes) penalty if the balance owed is not paid to the Manager in full one week prior to occupancy.

5.4.3 Non-payment by the due date will be treated as a cancellation and the deposit will be forfeited.

5.5 The Renter acknowledges that the Security Deposit will be released within the 7 days following the last day of rental provided all the stipulations in this Terms and Conditions, the Household Rules and any other instructions have been followed and the cottage is in the same order it was on the first day of the rental.

5.6 The Renter agrees that the Owner will use the Security Deposit to cover all and any expenses or penalties incurred by the Renter.

5.7 If the amount for the expenses or penalties exceeds the Security Deposit, The Renter agrees to immediately pay the excess, on demand and without any other notice.

5.7.1 If the amount for the expenses or penalties exceeds the Security Deposit, The Renter agrees to collaborate with the Owner on an eventual insurance claim.



6.1 The Manager reserves the right to request proof of a home/contents insurance of each Vacationer to demonstrate that any damage made at the property will be covered by the Vacationer's home/contents insurance.



7.1 Requests by the Renter for alternative accommodation will be provided at the discretion of the Managerif the request is made more than 30 days before the start of the booking period.

7.1.1 There will be an additional administrative charge of $100 + taxes.

7.2 Requests by the Renter for an alternative rental period (without a change in cottage selected) will be provided at the discretion of the Manager if the request is made more than 30 days before the start of the booking period originally selected.

7.2.1 There will be an additional administrative charge of $75 + taxes.

7.3 In the highly unlikely event that the Manager must change a booking after confirmation, the Manager will do its best to arrange for accommodation of a similar type, location, cost and standard as the original booking. 

7.3.1 If these are not acceptable or there are no properties available, then the Renter will receive a full refund of monies paid to the Manager.  Any additional costs are the responsibility of the Renter.



8.1 Any cancellation made by the Renter must be in writing or e-mail to the Manager. Free cancellation within 24 hours for reservations made more than 14 days in advance.

8.2 If the cancellation notice reaches the Manager: 

  • more than 30 days before the occupancy period for rentals of less than one month,
  • more than 60 days before for rentals of more than 32 nights, and
  • more than 90 days before for rentals of more than 60 nights, at the Manager's discretion,

the Manager will reimburse any amount paid by the Renter less a cancellation fee of $ 150.00 + taxes.

8.2.1 If the cancellation notice reaches the Manager: 

  • less than 30 days before the occupancy period for rentals of less than one month,
  • less than 60 days before for rentals of more than 32 nights, and
  • less than 90 days before for rentals of more than 60 nights, at the Manager's discretion, 

8.2.2 If the Manager is successful in re-renting the chalet for the full period, the Manager will reimburse any amount paid by the Tenant less a cancellation fee of $150.00 + taxes. If re-rented for the full period, the fee will be $150.00 + taxes.

8.2.3 If the Manager is able to re-book the cottage for only part of the period originally booked, it shall refund the monies paid relating to the re-booked period, less a cancellation fee of $150 + taxes.

8.2.4 If any part of the rental period cannot be re-booked, the Guest will forfeit all monies paid for that period.

8.3 Once a reservation has been accepted by the Managerthe reservation can only be changed to another cottage by treating the original reservation as a cancellation.  The Terms in Clause 8.2 apply.

8.4 Reservation dates for the same property may be changed providing the property is available for the new dates and The Owner is agreeable to the change.

8.5 There will be no refunds for late arrivals and/or hurly departures or unused services.

8.6 It is always possible to add to the number of guests up to the maximum occupancy of the chalet.

8.7 Seven days or more before arrival date, the number of guests can be lowered. The cancelled guests would then be deduced from the final invoice.

8.8 For administrative reas ons, the number of guests cannot be lowered seven days or less before arrival date. No amount would be deduced from the final invoice.



9.1 The information contained in any printed material, photographs, web site, etc. is believed to be accurate at the time of publication. 

9.2 The Manager reserves the right to make any changes it deems necessary to more accurately reflect the cottage property. 

9.3 The Manager gives no warranty as to the state of the cottage and accepts no liability for any act, neglect or default on the part of the Owner. 

9.4 Boats, motors, TV’s, VCR’s, hot tubs, saunas and Jacuzzis and other such equipment are supplied at the discretion of the Owner as an added feature for the Guest. 

9.4.1 While every attempt will be made to ensure that such equipment and all other appliances are in working order for a Renter’s vacation, should any breakdown or other situation occur whereby these items are not available for the term of the rental period, neither the Manager or the Owner take responsibility for replacing or refunding the Renter for the lack of use of these elements. 

9.5 The Renter must report any inoperative or defective equipment to the Manager promptly!

9.5.1 The Manager will make every reasonable effort to have repairs made as soon as possible.  

9.5.2 While every attempt will be made to ensure that all the advertised equipment and appliances are in working order at the commencement of a rental period, no reduction of rent; rebate; or refund will be issued for a mechanical failure of air conditioning, dishwasher, washer, dryer, TV or other non-essential appliances. Fundamental elements refer to water systems, plumbing and electrical systems, major appliances, such as refrigerator and stove.

9.6 Neither the Manager or the Owner accepts responsibility for weather conditions or changes to water levels or conditions at neighboring cottages.



10.1 All properties offered for rental during the winter months have road access and receive a snow clearance service from either municipal or private sources.

10.1.1 However, Renters are advised that following any major snowfall, snow plough providers are contracted to clear local roads in a predetermined order. Consequently, ploughing at a property may be delayed for several hours or, in severe storm conditions, days.

10.1.2 In the unlikely event that a Renter is unable to leave a property on the planned departure date, the Renter will not be liable for any additional accommodation charges.

10.1.3 Conversely, should a lack of snow clearance prevent a Renter from reaching a cottage, the Renter will receive a refund of the rental fee for the day(s) the property was inaccessible. However, neither The Manager nor The Owner will be held responsible for any losses, additional expenses or penalties incurred as a result of being unable to arrive at or leave a property on time due to a lack of snow clearance.

10.2 Renters are also reminded to ensure that they and their vehicles are suitably prepared and equipped for driving in the wintry conditions likely to be encountered during their visit to the Laurentides.



11.1 The Renter is expected to leave the cottage in the same condition that it was in, upon his/her arrival, and is responsible for the cleaning of the cottage before they leave and put their own garbage and properly sorted recycling in the appropriate bins outside. 

11.2 The Manager will provide a listing of the Household Rules.

11.2.1 This document shall be considered to be an extension of this Booking Terms and Conditions and the Renter shall abide by all instructions and information contained therein. If the Guest has not received this document one week prior to the holiday period, the Guest shall notify the Agency and obtain said documentation.

11.3 The Renter agrees to read and abide by the Household Rules, as stated in the document and/or posted at the cottage, and to use the inventory and equipment in a safe and responsible manner. 

11.4 The Renter shall abide by these Terms and Conditions of Rental and any other instructions contained in the individual Cottage Guide and any additional information and instructions as shall be supplied in the Property or by the Manager or Owner.

11.5 The Property will have been inspected prior to occupation and therefore The Renter undertakes to:

11.5.1 Notify the Manager immediately with regard to any damage and/or maintenance issues that require attention.

11.5.2 Keep the Property and all furniture, fixtures, fittings, chattels and effects in or about the cottage in the same state of repair and condition as found at the commencement of the Rental.

11.5.3 Replace any part of the Property or the furniture, fixtures, fittings and effects damaged or destroyed with similar articles of at least equal value, or if The Owner requires, pay to The Owner the value of such part of the Property destroyed or damaged.

11.5.4 Pay the $150.00 (plus taxes) treatment fee for misuse of the SPA resulting in the Owner having to perform unusual clean-up procedures to clean it up.

11.6 The Renter shall follow the departure instructions provided by The Owner.

11.6.1 The Renter is liable to a penalty of $ 50.00 for any window left open after his departure.

11.7 The Renter shall leave the cottage in the same state of cleanliness and general order in which it was found.  

11.7.1 The Manager includes a “normal” cleaning fee in the rental rate. The fee is based on the number of hours needed, in normal conditions, to clean each specific cottage. The Manager will inform The Renter of the number of cleaning hours allocated to the rented cottage. Failure to leave the cottage in a satisfactory state for The Manager or leaving the cottage in a state requiring more hours than those allocated will result in a $75,00 + taxes minimal cleaning charge taken from the security deposit. 



12.1 The Property Owner and/or the Manager shall be allowed access to the cottage at any reasonable time during any holiday occupancy.



13.1 The Renter agrees to take reasonable precautions in the use of the Property and the Cottage.  

13.2 Renters agree that they are responsible for their own safety and that of their family, friends, guests and invitees. 

13.3 They acknowledge and agree that the use of the lake is not supervised by any lifeguards or other such person and therefore any use of the lake or area by them, their guests or invitees is at their own risk. 

13.3.1 Renters shall not permit anyone to swim, nor to operate any boat or watercraft while they are impaired by alcohol or drugs.

13.3.2 For safety reasons, fireworks are always strictly prohibited. Renters shall not nor permit anyone else to light fireworks or fire crackers. Failure to do so will automatically result in the eviction of the Renter. The Renter represent, warrants, acknowledges and agrees that he or she will be responsible for any fines issued by the municipality of the cottage. These fines go from $600 to $4 000 plus legal fees.

13.4 The Manager will not be liable for any consequential damages, loss or expense arising out of or in connection with the use of the rental property or the inability to use the rental property for any purpose whatever. operated by Exit Chalets Inc. maximum liability for all damages, losses and causes of action, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, shall not in any case exceed in aggregate the contract price for the rental.

13.5 In addition, the Renter undertakes to indemnify and hold the Manager and the Owner harmless against any and all loss, injury, claims, causes of action, demands and/or costs and expenses that may be incurred by the Renter or anyone on or using the cottage or its’ property in relation to the cottage rental.



14.1 If a breakdown should occur to fundamental elements such as water systems, plumbing and electrical systems, and major appliances such as stove or refrigerator, every effort will be made to repair or replace, or an appropriate refund will be made for the inconvenience caused.

14.1.1 This does not apply to system breakdown caused by misuse, such as plumbing blockages caused by inappropriate use of sanitary facilities.

14.2 The Owner is not liable, nor will provide a refund, for any stoppage of electrical services caused by extreme weather or other circumstances beyond his control.

14.3 Similarly, there will be no refunds for inclement weather, changes in water levels, conditions at neighbouring cottages, or any nuisance afforded by the natural elements of cottage living such as flying insects or the animal population.



15.1 Where a telephone is provided as part of the rental, The Renter must charge all long-distance telephone calls to either a credit/phone card or call collect, unless advised otherwise.  

15.2 Where internet services are provided, there may be download restrictions and a charge may be levied if these are exceeded.  

15.2.1 It is The Guest's responsibility to check for restrictions on an internet device before commencing any download, streaming or activity that is likely to cause an overage in internet usage.

15.3 Internet services cannot be guaranteed by the Owner. Certain environmental conditions might reduce WIFI signal reception.



16.1 The Renter acknowledges that the average age of the adultes in his/her group is above 28 years old. Failure to meet this criterion will automatically result in expulsion without refund.



17.1 There is a “no parties” policy and zero tolerance regarding this issue.

17.2 Renters will use the facilities strictly for leisure purposes and not for noisy parties.

17.3 Curfew is at 11pm.

17.3.1 Between the hours of 11pm and 7am, the Renter or any of their family, guests, visitors, servants and agents will not broadcast music, not shout or talk loud outdoors as a matter of respect for the neighbours.

17.4 If the Manager or the Owner receive a noise complaint from a neighbor or neighbors and have to visit the cottage to take care of the disturbance, a $100 (plus taxes) fee will be charged per visit.

17.4.1 After the third visit from the Manager, the Owner or their representative, the Renter will be evicted without refund and $500.00 will be held from the security deposit to compensate any bothered neighbours.

17.4.2 If the Manager or the Owner discover or receive a noise complaint from the police, they will automatically evict the Renter without refund and keep $500.00 from the security deposit to compensate any bothered neighbours.



18.1 Smoking is not permitted in any property.  

18.1.1 Individual properties may have additional restrictions and instructions with regard to smoking on the property.  These will be indicated in the Property Household rules.

18.2 Renters are allowed to smoke outside of the cottages (doors closed). A $500.00 (plus taxes) fee will be taken from the security deposit if it is discovered that this clause has not been respected.


19. PETS

19.1 Pets are only permitted on some properties if they are indicated on the Booking Application form and approved by the Owner.

19.2 Bringing, or allowing, a pet at a ‘no pet’ cottage will result in immediate eviction and the Renter will be charged a penalty fee of $350.00 (plus taxes).

19.3 The Manager does not take responsibility for allergies or other conditions arising at any cottage, whether noted "no pets” or not. 

19.3.1 Although a cottage property may have a "no pets” policy it does not mean that there have not been pets on/in the premises previously.

19.4 Unless indicated in the property listing, pets are not accepted at a property.  Even where pets are accepted, number or type/breed restrictions may apply.

19.5 Where a pet is permitted, all evidence of pet occupation must be removed from the Property and grounds at the end of the rental period. Failure to do so will incur a penalty.

19.6 Pets are not permitted on any item of furniture, including beds, and evidence of pet hair on furniture and bedding may incur additional cleaning charges.

19.7 The Renter acknowledges that the Owner and/or Manager accepts no liability for any pets or their actions.

19.8 Guests visiting the cottage are not permitted to bring a pet without the express written permission of the Owner and/or Manager.

19.9 The Renter further agrees to abide by all local bylaws and pay the Owner the total value of any damages caused by the pet.

19.10 Any Renter who contravenes said conditions shall be subject to immediate eviction without refund and/or a penalty of $100.00 per day at the discretion of the Manager.


20. KEYS

20.1 The Renter agrees to return the cottage keys as directed in the Household Rules.

20.2 The Renter agrees to pay a $25.00 charge for failure to return the keys within the stipulated time.



21.1 In the advent the Guest looses or forgets an item of his/her property and becomes aware of it after his departure, he should inform the Manager as soon as possible.

21.2 The Manager shall, in a diligent manner try to find and return said items as per the Renter’s instructions

21.3 The Renter will pay for any shipping fees plus a $25.00 (plus taxes) administrative surcharge.



22.1 By selecting “I have read and agrees to the terms of services” box on the booking interface of the web site, the Renter understands and agrees that they are entering into a legally binding contract as per the authority Quebec’s Bill n°161: An Act to establish a legal framework for information technology.